Teen & Tween Engagement

Teen Crafting Corner

Teens participated in APL’s drop-in craft program series at the Kensington location. In one session they learned the history and art of pointillism art and practiced their skills with acrylic paints, cotton swabs and paper. In other sessions, they created bracelets and festive fairy light jars. Each teen created unique and fun designs and was eager to take their projects home and share with family! Friends’ funds supported the program supplies.

Teen Ambassador Program (TAP)

Teen Services continues the exciting monthly Teen Ambassador Program (TAP) for teens (ages 13-17) interested in making a positive difference at APL and in the community. Meetings included discussions and guest speakers sharing opportunities for teen engagement, volunteerism, and employment, prompting TAP members to speak at a City Council meeting, join a teen-led housing coalition, and secure library employment. TAP members’ contributions were recognized in a team building holiday celebration. Friends’ funds supported program supplies, thank you gifts for participants, and refreshments.