New Library Building Project

Appleton Public Library Capital Campaign

This project will create an enduring and inclusive civic building by leveraging the City’s investment of public funding with additional private philanthropic support. The current plan culminates many years of careful planning and community input and will answer the growing demand for innovative programming and learning opportunities for the region.

Building Beyond Words

“This library will be a new center for the community. A place not just for books, but for people. A place where people can meet together, think together, learn together, and I think that will make this library a real crown jewel for Appleton.”

“The library is more than a building. To me and my family, it’s life.”

“One of the unique aspects of a library is its equalizing factor on everybody who comes through the doors. What opportunities you have, or what struggles you have…when you come through, it is all available to you.”

APL’s vision statement resonates with this campaign: Where potential is transformed into reality.

Building Beyond Words presents our community with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimage Appleton Public Library, making it an impressive centerpiece for our downtown neighborhood, a beacon of hope and inspiration for our community and a gathering space to learn, create and share knowledge.

This library – our library – is where we grow together, lift each other up, foster the empowering gift of reading, embrace new digital literacies, activate what we learn, and share it with others. Appleton Public Library moves our community forward and upward. Imagine how far we can go!

All donations to the Building Beyond Words Campaign are fully tax deductible. You can pledge your gift and fulfill it over a period of up to five years. The campaign can accept cash and appreciated stocks, securities, bonds, or other personal assets. Many of these kinds of gifts hold specific capital gains tax advantages, and deductibility.

Join us in supporting the Building Beyond Words Campaign because being and learning together at the library strengthens us.

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So far we have raised $11,100,000 towards our $12,000,000 target!

That‘s 93% of the total!